Learn about Stroke

Life begins at 40, don't let stroke stop it.

What is Stroke

One in six people will have a stroke at some time in their life. Most are over 65, but stroke can strike at any age. Even young people and children can be affected.

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Why we need to act F.A.S.T

Stroke destroys two million brain cells every minute so TIME IS BRAIN. If you suspect that someone is having a stroke call 999 immediately.

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Young Stroke Survivor Network

Chat to young stroke survivors about the challenges post stroke

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Support Groups

Local meeting places for people affected by stroke and their carers to come together and share their experiences.

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Get the facts from the 2015 stroke audit report


Irish Heart Foundation Stroke Conference

Our 22nd Annual Stroke Conference will take place on April 5th 2019 in the Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Recognising the symptoms of stroke and accessing treatment immediately is very important.

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Preventing a stroke

The risk of a stroke is increased by certain things in your lifestyle which you can change.

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Stroke and Communication

After a stroke you may have problems communicating with others.

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Social Welfare Entitlements

Financial support – find out what you're entitled to.

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Driving after a Stroke

What you need to know about driving after a stroke.

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Real Life Stories

Find inspiration and advice from other stroke survivors.

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Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is the single most important step you can take to reduce your risk of stroke.

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