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The Hard and Fast Rule of CPR

Know the steps of CPR

Know the steps of CPR

There’s a Hard and Fast Rule when it comes to performing CPR

The good news is that performing CPR is relatively simple – you just have to remember the key steps:

  1. Call 112 or 999
  2. Push hard and fast in the centre of the chest
  3. Use an AED

Every year in Ireland thousands of people die from cardiac arrest. Around 70% of cardiac arrests happen at home, in front of a loved one. Which means that if someone you love suffers a cardiac arrest, you could be their best chance of survival.

We want to tell as many people as possible how straightforward it is to carry out CPR – the more people who know how to perform CPR, the more likely it is someone will survive if they have a cardiac arrest.

Watch the three short videos below to learn:

1. What happens when you call 112 or 999
2. How to perform CPR
3. How to use an AED

Step 1: Call 112 or 999

Making the emergency call. By dialing 112 or 999 you will get through to the emergency call taker. You should listen to them and follow their instructions.

Step 2: How to perform compressions

CPR is a simple skill and you can double a person’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest by starting CPR.

Step 3: Using an AED

Using an AED is very simple you just need to listen to the voice prompts, you don’t even need training to use one.

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At the Irish Heart Foundation one of our key goals is to help save lives from cardiac arrest through CPR training. The more people who know CPR the more lives we can save. Learn to save a life by finding the right CPR course for you below:

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Our CPR courses are provided to the public through our Affiliated Training Sites, which are located around the country.

These organisations are affiliated to the Irish Heart Foundation’s CPR programme and teach the standardised CPR courses developed by the American Heart Association (AHA), the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) and the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF).


CPR 4 Schools

We equip post primary schools with FREE video-based training classes to teach CPR.

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CPR saved my life

Your support is a vital link in the chain of survival.

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