Cardiac Rehab for All

For many patients and their families, being diagnosed with heart disease can be a frightening and upsetting experience. But we know that patients who receive good education, information and support after their diagnosis go on to manage their condition effectively. This is the goal of the Cardiac Rehab for All programme.

Cardiac Rehab for All is a programme for people who have had a cardiac event and are doing cardiac rehabilitation. It includes videos and patient booklet on improving cardiovascular health and aims to help prevent further cardiac events. This is known as secondary prevention.

The Cardiac Rehab for All Videos and booklet provide information on managing risk factors and heart health, explain how people living with heart disease can improve their quality of life and offer a home-based exercise plan.

Specific sections of the programme include:

Below you will see a link to the patient information booklet, a section on support and recovery, which features the nine videos on all aspects of your heart disease journey, and a section on risk factors, which includes advice on high blood pressure, cholesterol, weight management, alcohol and physical activity.

The Cardiac Rehab for All programme is a collaboration between the Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Cardiac Rehab for All Programme

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