Driving after a Stroke

Driving After Stroke?

If you would like to resume driving you should tell your motor licensing authority and your insurance company that you have had a stroke. You will then need a medical report from your doctor describing any disabilities your stroke has caused.

In some cases, your doctor will not allow you to return driving, e.g. if you have epilepsy or seizures and a particular type of sight loss called hemianopia (difficulty seeing to the left or the right in one or both eyes).

If you or your family has concerns that your stroke has affected your ability to drive you should talk to a member of your care team and an on-road driving assessment may be arranged for you.


Commercial driving?


If you drive a commercial or public-service vehicle, current Irish driving regulations are very restrictive after a stroke. Even if you recover enough to start driving your private car, only in exceptional circumstances will you be able to go back to commercial or public service driving. You should talk to your consultant and your care team about this.

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