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Top travel tips for your heart

Dos and don'ts for travelling with a heart condition or after a stroke

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Heart News   |   3rd Aug 2018

Bioengineers recreate 3D model of beating heart chamber

Bioengineers build 3D model of left ventricle

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Heart News   |   24th Jul 2018

Women more likely to die from heart failure than men

Women more likely to die from heart failure - new study

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Heart News   |   20th Jul 2018

Numbers living with chronic disease to almost double

Government’s latest National Risk Assessment Report warns on ageing population

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Heart News   |   19th Jul 2018

Older farmers urged to be heart aware

Farm Safety Week 2018

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Heart News   |   18th Jul 2018

Excessive drinking damages your heart

The Irish Heart Foundation and the HSE new alcohol awareness campaign

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Heart News   |   10th Jul 2018

Give your heart a boost – go outside

Study shows health benefits of spending time outdoors

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Heart News   |   9th Jul 2018

High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to heart function

Women who develop high blood pressure in pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) may be at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke later in life

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Heart News   |   9th Jul 2018