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Skipathon 2019 - Schools skip their way to good heart health

The Irish Heart Foundation launches its annual schools-based campaign, Skipathon to raise funds and encourage physical activity

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Heart News   |   8th May 2019

Opt-out organ donation will save lives

Warm welcome for move to opt out system for organ donation

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Policy News   |   3rd May 2019

Living well with heart failure - Free public event

Free public information evening in Athlone on heart failure

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Heart News   |   29th Apr 2019

Heart failure is common but not inevitable in old age

We speak with Dr Angie Brown about heart failure

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Heart News   |   18th Apr 2019

Low level of understanding of heart failure in Ireland

New campaign aims to raise awareness of heart failure

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Heart News   |   9th Apr 2019

My child’s life depends on the generosity of strangers

Colette Dunphy tells us what it is like to live with the fact that your son will need a donor heart

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Heart News   |   3rd Apr 2019

Increasing heart donation rates would save lives

To mark Organ Donor Awareness week (March 30 to 06 April) we look at heart transplantation in Ireland

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Heart News   |   2nd Apr 2019

Too much time sitting linked to almost 70,000 deaths

Excessive sitting linked to almost 70,000 deaths a year in the UK

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Heart News   |   26th Mar 2019