Healthy Workplaces

Better productivity starts with a healthy workplace

OVER 1000 workplaces have received support from Irish Heart Foundation and are reaping the benefits of workplace health.

Evidence shows that workplace health initiatives such as the Healthy Eating Awards, Sli@Work, and Health Checks deliver a wide range of benefits, to both employers and staff.

Employers report reduced staff sickness absence and turnover, increased productivity and employee satisfaction, and fewer accidents and injuries.

Staff enjoy improved wellbeing, and workplace health checks can even pick-up conditions before they cause symptoms. Employees working for firms that promote wellness are more likely to be engaged, and think positively of their employer.

IHF provided great advice, guidance and information so we could deliver a healthier workplace programme for staff

Eibhlin Smith, Head of Health and Wellbeing, EAP and Employee Engagement, Tusla

Call 01 668 5001 or email  and gain access to the advice you need for a successful tailor-made workplace health programme.

You may also apply for our healthy eating awards and gain recognition for all your hard work, with national and regional PR opportunities.


Workplace wellness programmes

Physical Activity

Energising a productive and healthy workforce

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Healthy Eating

Fueling a productive and healthy workforce

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Health Checks

Engaging a healthy and productive workforce

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Impact of Our Workplace Programme

Positive Company Image

If you look after your employees, your business is likely to have a more positive public image and represent corporate social responsibility. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace - being an employer that looks after their staff lends itself to a competitive advantage for talent attraction.

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Benefits for the employer

Increased focus, engagement, and productivity.

Less money lost to sick pay

Reduction in recruitment costs

Reduced work-related accidents – healthier employees are more focused and aware.

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Benefits for the employee

Healthy employees are happier

Better fitness decreases stress

Fitness lead to improved self-confidence

Self-confidence results in goal achievement

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