Heart & Stroke Tests & Procedures

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a continuous process of care which begins in hospital.

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This nonsurgical procedure is a treatment used to correct or control some types of rapid heart rhythm problems including atrial fibrillation.

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An Angiogram is a test using dye and x-ray to see if the coronary arteries, which supply the blood to your heart, are flowing freely.

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A pacemaker is a small device that's placed under the skin in your chest to help control your heartbeat.

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Angioplasty is a specialised treatment to unblock narrowed or blocked coronary arteries.

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ECG is a simple painless test which measures the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart.

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An ICD is designed to monitor, detect and treat fast or erratic heart rhythms that may cause cardiac arrest.

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Why have an Echocardiogram

An echocardiogram (echo) is a simple test which uses sound waves (ultrasound) to take a moving picture of your heart.

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Cardioversion is a procedure carried out in hospital to restore a normal heart beat

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