We fight for families affected by heart disease and stroke. 

We work with stroke and heart patients and their loved ones to make sure their voices are heard.

As the national charity for the prevention of heart disease and stroke in Ireland, our work involves influencing Government policy for

Sadly, over 9,000 people a year still die from cardiovascular disease in Ireland and 2,000 of these die annually from stroke. Furthermore, Ireland is on its way to become Europe’s most obese nation by 2030.

Every policy, person, and community must work together to tackle these national health challenges.

Learn more below about our current policies and campaigns and find out how you can help. ‘



Help us Protect Heart and Stroke Services

Patient Champions Programme

Are you a heart or stroke patient who would like the opportunity to advocate for yourself and other patients in your community?

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Advocacy & Policy News

Our current issues and campaigns

Sign the petition to protect our children

We need your help to sign and share our petition so that we can show the government that we are serious when we say we want junk food and drink brands to Stop Targeting Kids

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Political pledge to support heart and stroke services

As an elected politician, you can pledge your political support for state funding for heart and stroke services.

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