Climate Action

Air pollution, heat waves, and other climate-change disruption effects will intensify existing illnesses such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Although climate change underpins all the social and environmental determinants of health, addressing it can produce numerous positive public health benefits.

The Irish Heart Foundation is committed to promoting the public health element of climate change and campaign for greater action to tackle this unprecedented climate and health crisis. Air pollution, high temperatures, and sedentary lifestyles facilitated by an increasing car culture, are all detrimental to the cardiovascular system.

Air Pollution

In Ireland every year, over 1,400 deaths are attributable to air pollution and the majority of these are due to heart disease and strokes.

We campaign for measures that will result in cleaner air, including:

Active Travel

Ireland’s car commuter culture is contributing to rising levels of air pollution such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) which is damaging to both human and planetary health, while also leading to an increased sedentary lifestyle.

Moving away from private vehicle use and towards active forms of travel such as walking, cycling, and public transport not only benefits the planet but is vastly better for your cardiovascular health.

We campaign for measures to increase active travel, including:

Climate and Health Alliance

The Irish Heart Foundation was a founding member of the Climate and Health Alliance, an organisation made up several public health organisations and advocacy groups from around the island of Ireland.

Our website can be found here – – if your public health or advocacy group believes more action is required to address the escalating climate crisis and the consequential health crisis then please contact us today at

How can you help in our mission?

If you are a member of the public and would like to assist in our campaigns for a healthier planet, please contact our Advocacy Officer Mark Murphy on

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