Bizzy Breaks Additional Resources

We have broken down the Bizzy Breaks booklet into individual activities so you can easily choose your favourite activities.

The booklet is divided into three different levels depending on the class you teach. These are:  Junior (Junior Infants to First Class); Middle (Second, Third and Fourth Class); and Senior (Fifth and Sixth Class). Simply choose your level and each resource can be opened directly onto your computer or the interactive whiteboard for your class to view.

Each Bizzy Break activity also contains a ‘Learning Across the Curriculum’ section with ideas for activities to extend the activity into the Irish primary school curriculum. These activities can be used as a way of introducing different subjects or curricular areas such as primary language curriculum, maths, history etc.

For example, the healthy eating section includes activities that the pupils can also do as part of SPHE and maths.

You will find a table of all the resources provided and suggestions for extra resources that can be used here.

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