Junior Section

Junior Infants to First Class

This page includes all the activities from the Junior Section of the Bizzy Breaks Booklet.

Each activity includes additional resources that link into other curriculum areas. You will find a table of all the resources provided and suggestions for extra resources that can be used here.

Each resource includes a cover page with teaching notes. In some cases, we have also provided the resources in both worksheet (PDF) and whiteboard (PPT) formats. Choose whichever suits your class best.

Funky Fruit

Funky Fruit - Bizzy Breaks Booklet Page

Fruit & Veg Flashcards

Odd One Out

Fruit & Veg Game

Food Letters

Food Preference

Fruit Salad Sequence Powerpoint

Fruit Salad Sequence Worksheet

Funky Fruit Powerpoint

Pencil Jumps

Rain Shower

Tasty Tunnel

Tasty Tunnel - Bizzy Breaks Booklet Page

Food Groups Presentation

Every Day Food Worksheet

Every Day Food Powerpoint

Food Source Powerpoint

Food Source Worksheet

Teddy Tap

Alphabet Actions, Floating Fabric & Finger Surf

New Primary School Resources

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