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Bizzy Breaks Poster Video

The perfect 10 minute movement break

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Bizzy Breaks Poster Video

The perfect 10 minute movement break

The Bizzy Breaks poster is a series of guided movements for pupils.

The Bizzy Breaks poster is an ideal way to build in activity breaks throughout the day for the body and the mind, and helps pupils achieve the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day. The full sequence of movements in the poster are designed to take no more than 10 minutes and pupils can do all of the movements from their desks.

The Bizzy Breaks poster can be used:

The Poster. Display it on your board and call out the movements to the pupils. This way you can keep your own time. Pick your favourite songs from the Spotify playlist.

The Interactive Powerpoint. This PowerPoint allows you to choose the section you want to do and pick your own music. You could use stretchers or looseners as a quick two-minute revival*. Once you have chosen your section simply press play and the slides will count out the section for you.

The Teaching Guide. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the poster, as well as detailed teaching tips for each of the movements.

Spotify. We have also created a music playlist to accompany the poster which can be played in your classroom using a free Spotify account.

*Before doing aerobic activity such as huffers (designed to get the heart pumping) a light warm-up is recommended.

Bizzy Breaks should provide some challenge but should not be difficult; please ensure that the movements are performed at a speed and level appropriate for the class.

Please be aware of signs of over-exertion such as breathlessness or dizziness and encourage pupils to walk gently on the spot (Spot Walk) if they are feeling out of breath.

These resources can be downloaded & displayed straight to your whiteboard.

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