Programme for Government plan on childhood obesity welcome

By June Shannon Obesity News   |   16th Jun 2020

The new Programme for Government commits to a number of measures to tackle childhood obesity

The Irish Heart Foundation has welcomed provisions contained in the new Programme for Government document to deliver a Public Health (Childhood Obesity) Act, including new restrictions on junk food marketing and the introduction of No-Fry Zones around schools.

Under the heading “A Healthier Future”, the Programme for Government document commits to tackling obesity by introducing a Public Health Obesity Act, which includes an examination of restrictions on promotions and advertising aimed at children.

It also promises to introduce planning restrictions on outlets selling high calorie or junk food and drink near schools.

Head of Advocacy with the Irish Heart Foundation, Chris Macey, said the plans provided the foundation to implement a programme that could cut the rate of childhood obesity in Ireland by 50 per cent by 2030.

According to Mr Macey, “The State’s own research estimates that 85,000 of this generation of children in Ireland will die prematurely due to overweight and obesity. By delivering on the agenda put forward by many of the country’s foremost experts in the Irish Heart Foundation’s recent Childhood Obesity Manifesto, this agreement between the parties involved in Government negotiations can transform the future health of our young people.”

He added, however, that the imposition of a new sugar tax to help pay the economic cost to the State of the COVID-19 emergency must not impact on investment in measures to fight obesity and that a portion of the levy should be ring-fenced to deliver a healthier food environment for our children.

“The State’s own research estimates that 85,000 of this generation of children in Ireland will die prematurely due to overweight and obesity,"

Chris Macey, Head of Advocacy, The Irish Heart Foundation

In November last year, the Irish Heart Foundation launched its groundbreaking childhood obesity manifesto that aims to cut the rate of childhood obesity in Ireland in half by 2030.

It is estimated that overweight and obesity will be responsible for the deaths of 85,000 children on the island of Ireland and currently, children as young as eight are presenting with high blood pressure while some teenagers have a heart health age of 60.

The new manifesto entitled ‘The Future for our children’s health- A Childhood Obesity Manifesto’, was developed by the Irish Heart Foundation in conjunction with leading obesity experts, parents, and young people and makes a total of 58 recommendations under 12 separate headings.

The recommendations include making tackling childhood obesity a national health priority, a ban on all unhealthy food and drink marketing to under 18s as well as a ban on the sale of junk food in schools and a need to change the built environment to promote more healthy and active lives.

For more information on our childhood obesity campaign please see here.

You can read more about the Irish Heart Foundation’s ‘Stop Targeting Kids’ campaign, which is calling for a ban on junk food marketing to children here, and we also welcome you to sign our petition here.

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