Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Report Launched

By Leanne Dempsey Heart News   |   14th Nov 2023

A radical new approach to preventing chronic disease would save thousands of lives each year and protect our stretched health service, a new report by the Irish Heart Foundation and University College Cork insists today.

Mandatory limits on the salt content of processed foods and a political culture that tackles vested interests in public health are recommended in a bid to confront cardiovascular disease (CVD) – Ireland’s second biggest killer.

And the Government must invest in brave policy measures to prevent people dying from it – rather than solely focussing on those already ill.

CVD remains one of the top causes of premature death and disability in Ireland, accounting for 8,753 or 26.5% of all deaths in 2021.

“Little meaningful action has been taken in Ireland to truly address the key drivers of a leading cause of death and disability".

Ivan Perry, UCC

“Without the implementation of bold policy initiatives, we can expect continued and increased deaths and ill health driven by risk factors.” he said.

The paper proposes mandatory limits on the salt content of bread and processed foods, a complete online ban on marketing of high fat, sugar and salt food and drinks and an increase in the legal age of tobacco sales from 18 to 21.

A new national cardiovascular policy is also needed after the last one expired four years ago.

The five core risk factors for CVD and many chronic diseases, he said, are smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet, obesity and alcohol consumption.

Prof Perry’s findings are being supported by the Irish Health Promotion Alliance (IHPA) – a new coalition launched at the same event to highlight the devastating impact CVD, cancer and diabetes is having on the nation.

Members include the Irish Heart Foundation, Irish College of General Practitioners, Irish Medical Organisation, Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland, Irish Cancer Society, Alcohol Action Ireland and many other organisations.

They support the paper’s call for greater political will to implement population-based strategies to prevent the onset of disease – aimed at the entire population, regardless of their risk status.

“We do not do health well in Ireland and have an illness service rather than a health service,”

Janis Morrissey, The Irish Heart Foundation’s Director of Health Promotion, Information and Training and IHPA Chair

“Chronic diseases, which share common risk factors, account for 40% of hospital admissions and 75% of bed days, yet these conditions are largely preventable,” she said.

“But when the Government talks about promoting health, they often mean an awareness campaign, which is simply not enough.

“We need to change the narrative away from hospitals and waiting lists, and away from campaigns that focus on individual behaviours and so-called lifestyle choices.”

She said the workplace smoking ban improved everybody’s health, proving the Government’s ability to stand up to the big tobacco lobby – and which it now needs to repeat in other sectors.

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