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If you are concerned about your health, or the health of a loved one, please speak to a doctor or medical professional.

If you are looking for information about heart and stroke conditions, please see our online conditions directory for information about conditions, treatments and helpful resources.

If you are looking for practical advice to keep your heart healthy, we have lots of information including helpful advice on blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, physical activity, weight loss and healthy recipes.

Support Groups

Carers' Support Groups

Meet others in the same position as you

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SCAD Support Groups

Our group gives support to those affected by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD).

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Heart Failure Support Groups

Local groups for people affected by Heart Failure to meet regularly, gather information and share experiences.

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Stroke Support Groups

The Irish Heart Foundation is helping to develop Stroke Support Groups all over Ireland.

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Working Age Stroke Survivor Network for under 65s

Our support network lets you chat to other young stroke survivors about challenges post stroke

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Cardiomyopathy Support Group

The Cardiomyopathy Group aims to empower members to live well with their condition.

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ICD Support Group

The ICD Support Group is for adults and children with ICDs and their families.

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Long QT Syndrome Support Group

The Group is run by people who have LQTS or have family members with LQTS.

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SADS Support Group

The SADS Support Group is for families who have lost a young loved one or friend to SADS.

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