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Family members of stroke survivors suffer in silence

One in four family members reported depressive symptoms- new Irish study

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Stroke News   |   23rd May 2018

Eat fish twice a week for a healthy heart

New expert advice recommends eating fish twice a week to help prevent heart disease

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Nutrition News   |   22nd May 2018

New farmers' health study launched

80 per cent of farmers are in the high-risk group for heart disease

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Heart News   |   21st May 2018

Heart attacks more likely to strike in winter

Be extra vigilant about heart attack symptoms during cold weather

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Heart News   |   21st May 2018

Make the most of your lunch break

Make the most of your free time at work by maximising your lunch break.

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Nutrition News   |   21st May 2018

High Blood Pressure is a silent killer - inform yourself today

To mark World Hypertension Day we have put together a handy FAQ on high blood pressure

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Stroke News   |   18th May 2018

Leinster rugby players are all heart this weekend

Leinster rugby players wear Irish Heart Foundation logo

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CPR News   |   18th May 2018

Dáil to ban junk food companies targeting kids

The Irish Heart Foundation welcome amendment to stop junk food advertisers targeting kids online

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Policy News   |   13th May 2018

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