Physical Activity

Energising a productive and healthy workforce

Regular physical activity reduces everyone’s risk of heart disease and stroke.  

Our workplace physical activity programmes provide the support, training and resources needed to help workplaces encourage their staff to get more active.

Research shows that an active workforce can reduce sick days by 27 per cent and general absenteeism by up to 20 per cent.

Therefore, encouraging staff to become more active also makes financial sense.  Organisations can make substantial savings as promoting a healthy workplace may also reduce sick related absence.

Absenteeism in Ireland costs businesses €1.5 billion or €818 per employee annually.

Janis Morrissey, Head of Health Promotion

Workplace physical activity programmes can be delivered without a major financial cost and can provide a significant return on this investment.

Research from other countries shows that investment in health promotion programmes can potentially yield a return of €2.58 for every €0.76 spent.

Create an Active Workplace

Free online training to help you create a workplace physical activity plan.

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Workplace Walking Leader

Free online training to help you lead a safe, enjoyable workplace walking group.

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