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Escape Your Chair Challenge

Escape Your Chair by signing up to our challenge  

The Irish Heart Foundation is asking people to take on a challenge for one month and break-up their sitting time during the working day. Challenge yourself to move for just one minute in every hour that you are working. Many people who work in desk-based jobs can unknowingly find themselves sitting down for more than eight hours a day.

Even if we are active in our free time, sitting for long periods of time is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

When is the last time you did a jumping jack?


To help you take part in the ‘Escape Your Chair’ challenge we have developed a range of resources including a calendar showing a new movement idea for each working day of the month. From marching on the spot to heel taps, high knees, and jumping jacks there is no end to the movements you can do in just one minute.

Cardiovascular, muscle strength, balance, and mobility movements are included throughout the plan so you can improve all aspects of your physical fitness. Why not set a reminder and get moving with the Irish Heart Foundation throughout the month.

Download the monthly calendar and and sign-up to our e-zines with tips and a weekly plan to keep you motivated.


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