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Restart a Heart

Prepare your school for a cardiac emergency

Prepare your school for a cardiac emergency

Know the steps of CPR

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Know the steps of CPR

Our mission is to train as many students in the lifesaving skill of CPR as possible and we need your help!

Restart a Heart Day (16th October) is a CPR awareness day where across the globe people and organisations work to share their CPR skills and knowledge.

We are asking you to join in by training your students in the lifesaving skill of CPR in October and throughout the whole school year.

Share your experience by tweeting #CPR4Schools #RestartAHeart and join the global community in saving lives.

What can your school do to prepare for a cardiac emergency?

We’re calling on all principals, deputy principals, and school management to prepare your whole school for a cardiac emergency.

By taking part in the CPR 4 Schools programme you have the opportunity to train every member of your school community in the lifesaving skill of CPR every year. That means that every person in your school will be ready and confident to respond in a cardiac emergency. Email schools@irishheart.ie to join. 

Help us in our mission to create the next generation of life savers!

Check your AED!

Your AED needs to be prepared for emergencies as well. It is important to make sure it is accessible, charged and has all of the materials ready to go.

Location – Is it accessible at all times? Does everybody know where the AED is? If the AED is in the school staff room or secretary’s office, consider moving it out into the corridors. Or better yet put it in a cabinet outside of the school so that it can be accessed 24 hours by the community.

Maintain your AED – It is important to check your AED regularly to make sure it is in working order and ready for an emergency. Use the AED checklist. This is a great task to give to students.

Purchase an AED – An AED is a vital lifesaving piece of equipment. If you don’t have an AED check out our guide to purchasing and maintaining your AED.

Know Your Eircode

Knowing your Eircode is vital in an emergency. Use our 2 Steps to Save a Life poster to write your Eircode and place these around the school and in every classroom. Make sure to put one beside the AED.

Tools for your School

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