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Action for Life

Action for Life in a nutshell

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Action for Life in a nutshell

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Welcome to the Action for Life Programme

Action for Life is a new PE and SPHE programme for primary schools. The programme includes lesson plans with activities and resources to enhance your PE class. Find all the materials for your class below by clicking the circles.

Action for Life Lesson Plans, Resources & Activities

How does Action for Life Work?

All resources are available online to download and print or use digitally. In each booklet you will find a PE Agreement, 8 lessons, warm up and cool down stretches, and a suite of colourful resource cards.

Junior Book – Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st class
Middle Book – 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class
Senior Book – 5th class and 6th class

Find resources by clicking the circle links above.

Watch the video at the top of the page for helpful tips to incorporate into your PE class.

Why do Action for Life?

Action for Life is easy to follow, fun, colourful and creates lots of opportunities for children to engage in quality PE. By doing this programme you will be bringing physical literacy into your class. A physically literate child is an active child!

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We are working on providing additional resources, training and videos. Sign up to receive primary school materials for wellbeing and PE.

Why did we create Action for Life?

Action for Life was created with children, teachers and specialists in PE and health promotion in Ireland. The Irish Heart Foundation wanted to create a programme that inspires and encourages all children to reach their full potential in PE. Children who’ve taken part in the development of this programme said they really enjoyed it because everyone was able to take part and enjoy the activities together. When we get the ingredients for PE right, we can provide meaningful experiences that motivate children to lead an active life. This is really important for their current and future health.

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