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Young men- the more you smoke, the more your risk of stroke

Men who smoked were 88 per cent more likely to have a stroke than men who never smoked.

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Stroke News   |   20th Apr 2018

Heart of the Matter – Energy Drinks

What are the concerns around energy drinks?

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Nutrition News   |   20th Apr 2018

Junk food marketers bombarding children

The Irish Heart Foundation is calling for a blanket ban on junk food marketing to under-16s

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Policy News   |   18th Apr 2018

Help save a life on May 11th

Without immediate CPR the chances of a person surviving a heart attack decreases by 10 per cent a minute

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CPR News   |   17th Apr 2018

Workers forced to cover for colleagues' drinking

One in seven workers have been badly affected by a colleague’s drinking, a new report has found.

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Heart News   |   17th Apr 2018

Heart failure is not a disease

Heart failure is not a disease but rather a syndrome with a number of symptoms caused by many diseases

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Heart News   |   17th Apr 2018

Stroke patients not attending ED on time

Calls for the reintroduction of the FAST Campaign

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Stroke News   |   16th Apr 2018

The heart of the matter - coconut oil

I have heard that coconut oil is good for your heart, is this true?

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Nutrition News   |   12th Apr 2018

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