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People living in deprived areas die sooner

New CSO data shows that people from deprived areas more likely to die sooner than those in more affluent areas

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Policy News   |   5th Jul 2019

Walk your way to good heart health

The Irish Heart Foundation has teamed up with parkrun Ireland to promote ‘parkwalk’, a parkrun initiative to encourage local communities throughout Ireland to get walking

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Heart News   |   21st Jun 2019

Heart of the matter – Is caffeine bad for my heart?

Is caffeine bad for my heart?

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Nutrition News   |   7th Jun 2019

Heart of the Matter – Plant-based milks

Plant-based milks

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Nutrition News   |   1st Mar 2019

Good heart health is a walk in the park

The Irish Heart Foundation and parkrun Ireland launch Parkwalk

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Heart News   |   22nd Feb 2019

What’s the beef with the EAT-Lancet Commission?

The Irish Heart Foundation's view on the EAT-Lancet Commission Report

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Nutrition News   |   28th Jan 2019

Do ‘superfoods’ really exist?

Is there really such a thing as a 'Superfood?'

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Nutrition News   |   2nd Nov 2018

Six to eight hours sleep is best for your heart

Six to eight hours sleep best for your heart

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Heart News   |   27th Aug 2018

Heart of the matter – crossing your legs & blood pressure

Heart of the matter - Can crossing your legs raise your blood pressure?

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Heart News   |   9th Aug 2018

Can I eat too much fruit?

Heart of the Matter - Can I eat too much fruit?

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Nutrition News   |   31st May 2018

Eat fish twice a week for a healthy heart

New expert advice recommends eating fish twice a week to help prevent heart disease

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Nutrition News   |   22nd May 2018

Heart of the matter- is butter better?

Heart of the matter is butter better?

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Nutrition News   |   14th May 2018