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Giving small children healthy eating habits for life

New healthy eating guidelines for 1-4-year-olds launched

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Nutrition News   |   5th Oct 2020

Tips for a heart healthy return to school

Our expert dietitian shares her top tips for a heart-healthy return to school

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Nutrition News   |   1st Sep 2020

Is eating chocolate once a week good for your heart?

A new study suggests eating chocolate at least once a week is linked with a reduced risk of heart disease.

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Nutrition News   |   27th Jul 2020

Reforming dietary guidelines could save lives and the planet

A more sustainable diet can save lives and the planet - new study from the BMJ

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Nutrition News   |   17th Jul 2020

Men’s Health Week – balanced diet is best for your heart

For men's health week our dietitian Sarah Noone looks at the best way to balance your diet for your heart health

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Heart News   |   19th Jun 2020

Covid-19 and the Vitamin D debate

Our expert dietitian Sarah Noone on Vitamin D and Covid-19

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Coronavirus News   |   14th May 2020

Irish diet is damaging our health and the planet

New research has warned that the Irish diet is rich in unsustainable foods

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Nutrition News   |   12th May 2020

Eating well while cocooning – advice for older people

Eating well during the coronavirus - advice for older people

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Coronavirus News   |   29th Apr 2020

Food and the Coronavirus what you need to know

Sarah Noone shares some expert advice on food and the coronavirus

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Coronavirus News   |   24th Apr 2020

Coronavirus and isolation – how mindful eating may help

Our expert dietitian on how mindful eating may help at this time

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Coronavirus News   |   20th Apr 2020

Coronavirus – make working from home work for you

Our expert dietitian Sarah Noone gives some top tips on working from home

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Coronavirus News   |   15th Apr 2020

How to Eat Well on a Budget

Top tips on ways to stretch your food budget

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Coronavirus News   |   3rd Apr 2020