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Protect your Heart

Information and advice on ways to improve your heart health.

The good news is 80 per cent of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable through changes to our lifestyle.

Try our self-care reflection tool

These 10 questions are designed to help you see which parts of your lifestyle are already heart healthy and which parts you could benefit most from focusing on to optimise your heart health.

Approach these questions without judgement. Instead, bring your curiosity and compassion. to help you to identify what lifestyle changes you would like to make to protect your heart.

Reflect on your answers. Congratulate yourself on what you are already doing to look after your health.

Notice what area you answered ‘Rarely’ the most – was it mental wellbeing, physical activity or nutrition? This can help you to identify the habits that you may benefit most from changing.

Focusing on tackling just one or two of these areas at a time helps you to build strong heart-healthy habits.

Self-Care and Wellbeing Journal

This journal invites you to take time to reflect on your lifestyle and, if you are ready, make some changes to protect your heart. Why not make some time for your own heart and download the journal today.


Minding Your Heart Health Around Menopause

Our short leaflet details protecting your heart around menopause


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