Moderate Intensity Activity

What is Moderate Intensity Activity?

It is recommended that all adults should be active for 30 minutes, at a moderate intensity, at least five days a week.

Moderate intensity is a way of describing how much effort you are putting into an activity and it is the ideal intensity for keeping our heart healthy.

What does moderate intensity feel like?

There are three key ways our bodies tell us when we are exercising at moderate intensity

How do I get to moderate intensity?

The amount of work needed to get to moderate intensity will be different for everyone depending on his or her level of fitness. If you are extremely fit you might need to run, if you have an average fitness level then a brisk walk or jog should get you there but if you have not been active in a long time then a stroll might be enough to get to moderate intensity.

Activities like walking, swimming, cycling and jogging are all ideal moderate intensity activities.

As you get fitter you will need to put in extra effort to ensure you still feel the 3 key signs of moderate intensity. If for example, you are starting your fitness journey by strolling, after a few weeks when your strolls start to feel easier you can challenge yourself to increase the intensity of your walks. Please see the video below on ways to increase the intensity of your stroll.

Moderate Intensity Exercise

What is moderate intensity exercise?

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