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Serving generations of families in Ireland since 1966, the Irish Heart Foundation is an independent, national, not-for-profit organisation with an imperative mission.

That mission is to stop people dying prematurely from heart and stroke disease.

The Irish Heart Foundation is a registered charity supported by donations from the public and businesses in Ireland.

We rely on the goodwill and generosity of our supporters to fund lifesaving and life-changing work in prevention, research, CPR and care. Every donation we receive – helps more people in Ireland live longer, healthier lives.

We are committed to:

Our donors and supporters, who are the backbone of our organisation and we subscribe to a donor charter.

Honesty and transparency about our finances and our charitable spend so you can see the impact of your support

Good governance – we are governed by a voluntary board of 14 members, from the medical and business communities. Board members do not receive remuneration.

To openly answering your questions at any time.

The Foundation has:

Protecting your data – your data is safe with us and we will never sell your data to third party organisations.



During 2015, we served more than one million patients and their families, including 100,000 newly diagnosed cases each year, through our patient support services for those affected by stroke and heart disease, inherited conditions and those at risk of sudden cardiac death.


We worked with more than one million children and adults in schools, communities and workplaces nationwide to prevent development of the biggest disease of our time through the provision of early detection blood pressure testing and expert services to reduce obesity.


About €1 in every €8 spent on stroke research in Ireland is provided by the Irish Heart Foundation and we are currently committed to spend €670k over a five-year period to support groundbreaking new stroke research which could reduce the chances of a second and potentially fatal stroke in patients


As the sole voice of stroke patients in Ireland, we completed the country’s second national stroke audit to drive better quality of life and independence for all those struck down by stroke and we are driving a national roll-out of stroke clubs in communities all around Ireland.


We continue to run the largest resuscitation training network in the country which delivered 55,000 new CPR lifesavers last year to increase survival when a heart suddenly stops beating.

Every day in Ireland, 13 lives are lost to sudden cardiac arrest and people of all ages die from it, even babies, children and teens. Two thirds of cardiac arrests happen at home and half of these happen in front of someone. CPR can double a person’s chance of survival and the Foundation believes every child should learn CPR before leaving school.



Our charity is always happy to answer your questions.
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