Tricks for treats at Halloween

By Sarah Noone, Maebh Williams and Katie Abrahams Nutrition News   |   24th Oct 2018

Our expert dietitian Sarah Noone and student dietitians Maebh Williams and Katie Abrahams, share their top five family-friendly Halloween hacks.

Eat a “hair raising healthy” meal before Trick or Treat
Halloween is a lot of fun and of course the kids will want to eat those sweet treats the minute they get them. However, by having a filling family meal before you leave the house for trick -or-treat means that little ghosts and goblins may be less likely to snack as they go house to house or overindulge at the end of the night.

Spread out the Treats
We all can relate, the kids are excited after trick or treating, get into the house and want to start munching through their treats as soon as they get home. Planning e.g. limiting the size of the trick or treat bag and agreeing in advance how many sweets they can choose when they get home, are great ways to talk to children about moderation and how to spread out the treats.

Go on a “wicked walk”
Make Halloween more than just about the treats. Why not try get in some physical activity by getting the kids dressed up and following a ‘’terrifying trail.” You could try out one of our Sli na Slainte routes in your area with the kids. This is a great way of getting all the family involved and incorporating physical activity into Halloween which is important for heart health.

Consider Non-Food Treats
Goodie bags can be filled with so many different items, from transfer tattoos, to bubble-mixture and glow sticks. These can be an excellent alternative to sweet treats not to mention a great way to encourage kids to get creative and move about.

Get Stuck In
How often do we tell our kids not to play with their food? Well, rules are made to be broken, and Halloween is the perfect time to play with food. Use these Halloween activities to help increase children’s exposure to fruit and vegetables; decorate tangerines and oranges for ready-made Jack-O-lanterns and bobbing for apples is fun for all ages.


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