Minding men’s hearts

By June Shannon Policy News   |   29th Mar 2019

The Irish Heart Foundation supports innovative men’s health programme.

The Irish Heart Foundation recently participated in a men’s health initiative which saw 18 men successfully completing a 10-week health and wellbeing programme.

The Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme is led by the Larkin Unemployed Centre and is supported by programme partners the HSE, the Irish Heart Foundation, Dublin North East Inner City (NEIC) and Dublin City Council.

The Programme encourages men aged 30+ to take better care of themselves. Participation is voluntary and the programme takes a holistic and practical approach to the subject of health and wellbeing.

In operation since 2009, to date more than 370 men have taken part in the programme.

The Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme aims to show participants how small lifestyle changes such as becoming more active, eating a balanced diet, drinking responsibly, quitting smoking and having a regular routine can lead to positive physical and mental health.

Run over 10 weeks for four hours a week the programme includes cookery and healthy eating, fitness and exercise, health education and health checks.

“ I have really enjoyed seeing the great work of the Larkin Centre and we are very supportive of this very valuable programme for men,"

Marese Damery, Health Check Manger , The Irish Heart Foundation

Free heart health checks were provided by Irish Heart Foundation’s expert nurses who are skilled in supporting individuals to make positive lifestyle changes for their own health. These checks were carried out before and after the 10-week programme through the Irish Heart Foundation’s fully equipped mobile health unit. The pre programme health check provided participants with an initial reference point and helped them understand how their lifestyles impacted on their health, while the post checks acted as a valuable reassurance of the positive benefits of the programme.

Research has shown that men are less likely than women to be proactive about their own health. Therefore, the Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme aims to remove barriers and increase the participation of men in health and wellness initiatives.

The men were also offered CPR training by the Irish Heart Foundation which provided them with skills on how to respond if someone is having a cardiac arrest.

Commenting on the Irish Heart Foundation’s involvement with the Larkin Centre’s Men’s Health and Wellness Programme, Marese Damery, Health Check Manger with the Irish Heart Foundation said, “I have really enjoyed seeing the great work of the Larkin centre and we are very supportive of this very valuable programme for men. We are delighted to work with the Larkin Centre and the participants. It is great to see the confidence the men gain from the programme and how empowering it is for them. We are currently working with the Larkin Centre on their next programme so we are delighted that this relationship will continue.”


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