May Measurement Month 2018

By June Shannon Stroke News   |   16th May 2018

Every year 10 million people die because of high blood pressure, May Measurement Month wants to change this.

May 2018

The Irish Heart Foundation is proud to support May Measurement Month (MMM) 2018; a global initiative led by two organisations representing the world’s leading cardiologists and researchers specialising in hypertension — the International Society of Hypertension and the World Hypertension League. MMM aims to raise awareness of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension is the leading contributing risk factor for global death causing strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications. 10 million lives are lost each year needlessly due to hypertension and only half of people with high blood pressure, know that they have the condition.  These deaths are preventable and that’s the real tragedy.


"Only half of people with high blood pressure, know that they have the condition"


MMM first commenced in 2017 and measured the blood pressure of over 1.2 million people across 100 countries in one month – with limited resources, relying on the goodwill of many volunteers.

The global breadth of MMM covered vastly differing cultures – including the Philippines, China, India, South America, Africa and parts of Europe including Ireland.  The screenings themselves were held in many locations, including hospitals, community centres, schools, supermarkets and factories.   During the month, the screenings identified over 140,000 people with previously unidentified hypertension and over 100,000 with inadequately treated hypertension, all of whom can now act to improve their health.


Our Mobile Health Unit provides free blood pressure checks and comprehensive lifestyle advice on heart health nationwide.





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