A Slí to physical activity as restrictions ease

By Tara Curran Coronavirus News   |   19th May 2020

Getting bored of your regular walking path why not try your local Slí na Sláinte route?

As of May 18th, outdoor amenities like beaches, forests etc. have reopened and people can meet up outside in groups of up to 4 , within 5km of their home while maintaining social distance.

With more than 230 community based Slí na Sláinte walking routes nationally there has never been a better time to explore your local route and reap the physical and mental health benefits of regular activity.

Slí na Sláinte routes are typically 2-5km, on solid surface, not too steep and have a map board and directional arrows to guide you around the route.

The importance of regular physical activity for both your mental and physical health cannot be overestimated. It can help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol levels, the risk of heart disease and stroke and help maintain muscle strength and bone health.

The importance of regular physical activity for both your mental and physical health cannot be overestimated.


A recent report by the Institute of Public Health showed that physically active older adults experience a healthier old age, age, improved cognitive function and a reduced risk of early death.

Being physically active is also beneficial for our mental health, it can boost our mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Getting active in green or blue space like a park, forest or beach is shown to have even greater benefits on our mental health.

As we move through the phases of re-opening the country, keeping active can be a positive habit that we carry with us. Walking at a moderate intensity will provide us with all the physical and mental health benefits to keep mind and body strong. It requires no cost or gear other than a comfortable pair of walking shoes and we can now meet up with a neighbour or friend and reap the social health benefits that we all missed so much during the lockdown phase.

Discover your local Slí na Sláinte route today

We are here for you

The Irish Heart Foundation’s nurse support line is available five days a week. Anyone living with heart disease and stroke who has concerns or questions about the coronavirus can contact the nurse support line on 01 668 5001 or support@irishheart.ie.

The Irish Heart Foundation’s new heart support group is on Facebook. Anyone who lives with heart failure or another heart condition or has a family member living with a heart condition can join here: www.facebook.com/groups/heartsupportnetwork/

The Irish Heart Foundation runs 21 stroke support groups and 5 heart failure groups around the country. All these groups have moved to telephone and online support. For more information, see https://irishheart.ie/get-support/.

The Irish Heart Foundation in conjunction with the HSE National Stroke Programme, has launched a new telephone support service for stroke patients who have recently been discharged from hospital. For more information, see here.


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