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Descrambling the great egg debate

Our expert dietitian Sarah Noone examines the science behind eggs

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Nutrition News   |   27th Mar 2019

Older people need support to get more active

Almost half of older adults not getting enough exercise

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Heart News   |   4th Dec 2018

We want people to know the name ‘thrombectomy’

What is Thrombectomy?

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Stroke News   |   1st Nov 2018

Benefits of regular light exercise for heart patients

New study suggests heart patients should take regular frequent exercise

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Heart News   |   26th Oct 2018

Location of fruit and veg in shops influences healthy eating

Simply moving where fresh fruit and vegetables are placed in a shop can increase sales

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Nutrition News   |   19th Oct 2018

Heart of the Matter- How to spot bad dietary advice

Heart of the Matter - How to spot bad dietary advice

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Nutrition News   |   27th Sep 2018

Heart of the matter – no eating past 7 pm?

Heart of the matter - no eating past 7 pm?

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Heart News   |   7th Aug 2018

Delay to thrombectomy shortens stroke patients’ lives

Delays to thrombectomy decreases both quality and length of stroke patients' lives

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Stroke News   |   27th Jul 2018

Trial highlights critical importance of bystander CPR

Trial underlines importance of bystander CPR

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CPR News   |   25th Jul 2018

Bioengineers recreate 3D model of beating heart chamber

Bioengineers build 3D model of left ventricle

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Heart News   |   24th Jul 2018

Could clots that cause strokes be key to new treatments?

NUI Galway study to examine blood clots that cause strokes

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Stroke News   |   12th Jul 2018

Rise in acid levels linked to heart disease & stroke

Lifestyle factors such as obesity and consumption of sugary drinks have driven up levels of uric acid

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Heart News   |   19th Jun 2018