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Checking your blood pressure at home

Learn how to measure your own blood pressure at home

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Heart News   |   1st Jul 2020

Light exercise may reduce stroke severity

Light exercise may reduce stroke severity

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Stroke News   |   27th Sep 2018

Stroke threatens everyone

Joint statement on stroke from the World and European Stroke Organisations (WSO and ESO), the World Federation and the European Academy of Neurology (WFN and EAN)

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Stroke News   |   20th Sep 2018

Every adult in Ireland should know their cholesterol level

Public urged to know their cholesterol level

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Heart News   |   12th Sep 2018

BP and cholesterol lowering drugs improve survival

Study confirms importance of lowering blood pressure and cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular deaths

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Heart News   |   29th Aug 2018

Young healthy people still need to keep cholesterol in check

Yong healthy people still need to keep cholesterol in check

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Heart News   |   28th Aug 2018

High blood pressure in pregnancy linked to heart function

Women who develop high blood pressure in pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) may be at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke later in life

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Heart News   |   9th Jul 2018

Pharmacists can play key role in stroke prevention

Irish Pharmacy Union study aimed at detecting undiagnosed hypertension and atrial fibrillation

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Stroke News   |   5th Jul 2018

Thrombectomy is feasible for very old stroke patients

Thrombectomy in acute stroke is feasible for very old patients

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Stroke News   |   21st Jun 2018

High Blood Pressure is a silent killer – inform yourself today

To mark World Hypertension Day we have put together a handy FAQ on high blood pressure

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Stroke News   |   18th May 2018

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