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Be a Heart Hero this World Heart Day

World Heart Day 2019 takes place on Sunday 29th of September

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Heart News   |   25th Sep 2019

When stroke strikes unexpectedly

Remembering Sinead Breen who tragically died of a stroke aged just 43

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Heart News   |   24th Sep 2019

Meet Leo and the Pacemakers – a very special walking group

We talk to Leo Cluxton about a very special walking group in Naas, Co Kildare

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Heart News   |   23rd Sep 2019

Is napping good for your heart ?

A new study has suggested that napping once or twice a week may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

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Heart News   |   19th Sep 2019

The wonders of walking for your heart

We speak with Prof Shane O Mara neuroscientist TCD on the wonders of walking

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Heart News   |   16th Sep 2019

Get your heart checked at the Ploughing

The Irish Heart Foundation offering free heart health checks at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships

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Heart News   |   13th Sep 2019

Office workers unaware of the dangers of sitting

New research from the University of Derby in the UK, shows office workers are unaware of the dangers of sitting for too long

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Heart News   |   9th Sep 2019

It’s never too late to get active - new study

A new study has shown that it is never too late to get active

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Heart News   |   4th Sep 2019