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Tommy Bowe - Reboot

Staying Healthy

When I was playing professional rugby, diet was such a huge factor in my performance – I didn’t even have to think about it because I needed to eat well, it was part of my job…and I had people keeping an eye on me! But now, I sometimes need to remind myself.

Diet plays a huge part in our overall health, wellbeing and most importantly, our heart health. Last year, almost 1,000 men died from a heart attack in Ireland. 1 in 4 men in Ireland will lose their lives to heart disease or stroke. We can’t let this continue

September is the Irish Heart Foundation’s Heart Month, and we can start looking after our heart health right now. It’s not too late to make a change, we’re asking you to choose to reboot your life. Make some positive lifestyle choices.

80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable. So, make that choice. Reboot your life before it’s too late.

" I'm choosing to Reboot my life, will you? "

Tommy Bowe

How to reboot

One of these lifestyle choices is making an effort to eat healthier – skip the takeaways and try cooking new recipes at home. Eating healthier can be fun and easy, you might discover a new passion.

Please join me and the Irish Heart Foundation in supporting your family, partners, friends and those closest to you make positive changes in their lives and make these statistics a thing of the past.

Challenge yourself this Heart Month

Reboot Your Life Challenge

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