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Escape Your Chair

Move more during your leisure time

Staying active can lift your mood and helps reduce stress.

Why not spend some leisure time with friends or family trying out new activities in your local community?

Exercise influences the release and up-take of chemicals known as endorphins in your brain that make you feel good. Staying active can lift your mood and helps reduce stress.  Getting active in a green space has been shown to boost mood and improve mental health. (2)

Apart from the physical and psychological benefits of physical activity there are also social gains to be made. For example, getting active by going for a walk with a friend or neighbour helps maintain existing friendships while joining a new exercise or walking group helps you to make new friends.

Find an Irish Heart Foundation walking route near you.

Tips to escape your chair during your leisure time

Move More Challenge

An easy to follow six-week walking programme

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Download resources to support you to move more during your leisure time.  Our 6-week training plans will support you as a walker or runner to reach that 5km goal.

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