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Hypertension and obesity feature in Irish workforce

Workplace Wellbeing Day 2018 takes place this Friday, 13 April

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Obesity News   |   12th Apr 2018

Exercise helps fight genetic risk of heart disease

A new study has found that keeping fit is good for your heart even if there is heart disease in your family.

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Heart News   |   11th Apr 2018

International project aims to prevent strokes in patients with brain bleeding

A new multi-million Euro initiative funded by the European Commission has been set up to help prevent further strokes in patients with existing conditions.

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Stroke News   |   10th Apr 2018

New study to explore use of thrombectomy in severe stroke

A new European study which aims to extend the benefits of mechanical thrombectomy to a wider group of patients has recently been launched.

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Stroke News   |   10th Apr 2018

Free public information evening on heart failure

Free public information evening on heart failure to take place this week

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Heart News   |   9th Apr 2018

Being poor is bad for your heart

WHO calls for health for all on World Health Day 2018

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Policy News   |   7th Apr 2018

The heart of the matter - chocolate

Is chocolate good for your heart? Is dark chocolate better?

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Nutrition News   |   4th Apr 2018

Get some sleep its good for your heart

A good night’s sleep has a range of benefits for your heart

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Heart News   |   3rd Apr 2018

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