Governance Questions

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Is The Irish Heart Foundation a charity or part of the HSE?

The Irish Heart Foundation is the national charity in Ireland supporting people affected by heart disease and stroke and it was founded in 1966. We are not a part of the HSE, but we do collaborate on projects together to help people live healthier lives and reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke.

We receive a very small State contribution for joint projects, to which we also contribute.

Are you a registered charity?

Yes. The Irish Heart Foundation is:

Does the Irish Heart Foundation receive government funding?

The Irish Heart Foundation receives a very small State contribution for joint projects, to which we also contribute.

In 2022, 93% of donations were from the public, sponsorships,  and fundraising activities. 7% was received from state funding.

We publish our annual reports and financial statements each year on our website.

Does The Irish Heart Foundation pay its Board Members?
We are governed by a voluntary board of members, from the medical and business communities. Our board members do not receive remuneration.

I thought charities were run by volunteers, why does The Irish Heart Foundation pay staff?

The Irish Heart Foundation enjoys support from as many as 3,000 volunteers around the country who generously donate their time to support our work. We also benefit from the advice of top medical experts in the country who give up their time to serve on our voluntary medical councils across a range of areas including stroke, heart failure, hypertension, and disease prevention. Our Board members also volunteer their time.

In the Irish Heart Foundation, we regularly punch above our weight to deliver national programmes and awareness to benefit children, adults, communities, and at-risk groups in every corner of Ireland, with a relatively small team of full and part-time staff.

Our paid staff are vital to the delivery of high-quality services inpatient support, prevention, advocacy, research, and CPR and to ensure we invest our funds as effectively and efficiently as possible. We work to the highest standard and our professionalism is further evidenced by having support staff in finance, database management, communications, and human resources.

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