Let's Live Life Better, for them

Every hour someone in Ireland suffers from a stroke. Every day, hundreds of Irish people are diagnosed with heart disease.

The lives of these people are often cut tragically short. Many are left disabled. Almost 9,000 people die each year, making heart disease and stroke one of the nation’s biggest killers.

It shouldn’t be this way and this fact forms our reason for being. We are the nation’s heart and stroke charity.

Our mission is to effect positive change in the lifestyles of Irish people, to achieve better outcomes for those affected by heart disease and stroke and to challenge when the health of our nation is put at risk.

We empower people to live longer, healthier lives.

Our target

The threat of heart disease and stroke has never been more urgent and it’s amplified by our aging population, sedentary lifestyles, poor diets and more.

The target we have set ourselves: a nation living better in order to reduce premature deaths from heart disease and stroke by 25% by 2025.


By 2025:

"Some 80 per cent of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable."

Tim Collins - CEO, Irish Heart


At Irish Heart we believe we have an obligation to empower people in Ireland to make their health last longer. By looking after your heart, means you will be here to look after the hearts of those you love.

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