Walking in the time of coronavirus

By Tara Curran Coronavirus News   |   26th Mar 2020

Our Slí na Sláinte Coordinator Tara Curran shares her tips on ways to enjoy the great outdoors while still practising social distancing

Under the current circumstances when we are all doing our best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by maintaining social distance, walking groups should not be meeting up.

Please remember that current government advice is that you can only travel within 2km of your home for exercise this also applies to walking.

Even though walking groups meet to walk in the outdoors, it is recommended that groups of more than four people should not be meeting up unless they are from the same family.

Therefore, walking groups should not be meeting up as it would be too difficult to maintain a 2 metre distance at all times from fellow walkers.

It is still really important for our physical and mental health to keep active


However, it is still really important for our physical and mental health to keep active. Adults are encouraged to take 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity at least 5 days a week, to include strength exercises at least twice week and those aged over 65 should include balance activities.

You can still get out for walks in the fresh air so, here are some tips to maintain a social distance while walking:

Get out at times of the day when you are unlikely to meet lots of people like early in the morning or late in the evening


You can keep the social connection going with your walking group virtually by taking on a group challenge like walk 100 km over four weeks and share photos or videos of your progress.

You could set up a group video call at the time you usually meet for a walk or try a virtual step challenge using one the many free apps available to keep each other motivated.

For more information on keeping active please see our Be Active leaflet.


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