Join us for May Measurement month 2017


Irish Heart is supporting the global initiative to measure 25 million blood pressures around the world during the month of May.

It’s time to put the spotlight on raising awareness around blood pressure, and May Measurement Month is doing exactly that! During May 2017, millions of people will have their blood pressure measured in one of the biggest public screening exercises the world’s ever seen. MMM17 is being led by the International Society of Hypertension and the World Hypertension League.

What’s May Measurement Month all about?

10 million lives lost

Every year 10 million people around the world die needlessly because of high blood pressure, making it the planet’s single biggest killer. They will suffer a stroke, have a heart attack, or die from another cardiovascular complication linked to hypertension — the medical term for high blood pressure.

And the real tragedy is that only around half of those who die this way will even have known they had raised blood pressure.

May Measurement Month is a global initiative led by two organisations representing the world’s leading cardiologists and researchers specialising in hypertension — the International Society of Hypertension and the World Hypertension League.

The goal is to measure several millions of people aged 18+ from 1-31 May 2017 at screening centres in up to 100 countries.

Get checked

The Irish Heart is supporting the global initiative.

Our Mobile Health Unit provide FREE blood pressure checks and comprehensive lifestyle advice on heart health nationwide.

And our Farmers Have Hearts’ programme, supported by the HSE, provides FREE one-to-one health checks in marts across the country.

Get involved!

If you’re a health professional, a medical student, or you’d like to support this initiative –  it’s not too late to get involved. To help raise awareness and save lives during MMM17, just email and you will be connected with the nearest MMM leader.



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