Charity – It’s all about the impact

By June Shannon Policy News   |   12th Jul 2018

As Vincent McCabe, Head of Finance with the Irish Heart Foundation retires this week, he tells us charity is all about the impact

1. Q. How long have you been working as Head of Finance with the Irish Heart Foundation?

A. Since November 2004, 13 years.

2. Q. Before you joined the Irish Heart Foundation what other positions did you hold?

A. I worked as the Financial Controller or Finance Director for a number of companies, mainly in the telecommunications industry.

3. Q. What appealed to you about working for the Irish Heart Foundation- why did you join?

A. I wanted to work in a smaller organisation where my experience would be of value and where the objectives were not all about making money. I also respected the work that Irish Heart Foundation and other charities were involved in.

4. Q. Who was the CEO when you joined and how many CEOS have you worked with?

A. Michael O’Shea was the CEO when I joined in 2004 and since then there has been Barry Dempsey and Tim Collins, the current CEO, so I have worked with three in total.

5. Q. What is the driver behind a successful voluntary organisation in your opinion?

A. It is important to identify and focus on activities where you can make the most impact.

6. Q. If you could invite one famous historical figure for dinner who would it be and why?

A. Leonardo da Vinci. To get an understanding of how such a brilliant and inventive mind  works.

7. Q. What/who are you most proud of?

A. My family.

8. Q. Can you sum up your experience working with the Irish Heart Foundation in three words?

A. Teamwork, Caring, Rewarding.



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