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Heart attack and stroke survivors less likely to be employed

New Canadian study shows financial impact of heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest on working age population

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Stroke News   |   8th Jan 2019

Omega-3 fatty acid meds not effective after heart attack

Omega-3 fatty acid medicines are no longer effective in preventing further heart and blood vessels problems in patients who have had a heart attack, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has said.

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Heart News   |   4th Jan 2019

Pharmacists well placed to detect high blood pressure

Findings of pharmacy pilot to detect hypertension and atrial fibrillation launched

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Heart News   |   13th Dec 2018

Check your pulse to prevent a stroke

Irish Heart Foundation launches new campaign ‘Prevent a Stroke: Feel the Pulse, to highlight atrial fibrillation

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Stroke News   |   13th Nov 2018

Smoking, diabetes increase heart attack risk more in women

New study shows high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes increase heart attack risk more in women than in men

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Heart News   |   8th Nov 2018

More than 9,000 lives lost to cardiovascular disease in 2016

Latest CSO data shows more than 9,000 lives lost to cardiovascular disease in 2016

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Heart News   |   1st Nov 2018

Make the most of your extra hour this weekend

As clocks go back this weekend remember good quality sleep is essential for your heart health

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Heart News   |   26th Oct 2018

Possible link between some BP drugs and lung cancer risk

BM,J study on suggested link between some blood pressure medications and lung cancer

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Heart News   |   25th Oct 2018

The difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

Heart of the Matter - What is the difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest?

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Heart News   |   19th Oct 2018

Learn CPR for free today and restart a heart

Restart a heart day 2018

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CPR News   |   16th Oct 2018

Limerick teacher survived cardiac arrest thanks to CPR

Hazelwood College, Limerick aiming to equip nearly 600 people to perform CPR

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CPR News   |   10th Oct 2018

Study questions benefit of statins in healthy elderly  

Study suggests statins not associated with reduction in cardiovascular disease in healthy older people

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Heart News   |   11th Sep 2018