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Malcom O'Kelly - Reboot

Living for the future

In my younger days, rugby was not only my career but also my passion and it was built on discipline and commitment. Leading a healthy lifestyle was key to making that work.

These days, I don’t have the same amount of time or energy and that goes for all of us. But as a dad of three, I need to keep myself heathy to ensure I am around for as long as I can be. And that takes commitment too.

Last year alone, almost 1,000 men died from a heart attack in Ireland. And the statistic that sticks with me is that 1 in 4 men will lose their lives to heart disease or stroke. We have to change this.

We’re asking you to choose to reboot your life. Make some positive changes.

80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable. And in order to make that happen, we need to make positive choices. Reboot your life before it’s too late.

" Make a change now and you can lead a healthier, longer life. Don’t miss out on your own future."

Malcom O'Kelly

How to reboot

Making positive lifestyle choices are key to keeping you and your heart healthy.

Eating healthy, getting active and lads… giving up the bad habits, we all know what they are. Make a change now and you can lead a healthier, longer life. Don’t miss out on your own future.

Please join me and the Irish Heart Foundation in supporting your family, partners, friends and those closest to you make positive changes in their lives and make these statistics a thing of the past.

Challenge yourself this Heart Month

Reboot Your Life Challenge

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