Faces of Heart Failure

Heart Failure Events

This free event is for anyone hoping to learn more about heart failure. Patients, family members, carers, and healthcare professionals are all welcome.

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Faces of Heart Failure


The Irish Heart Foundation’s ‘Faces of Heart Failure’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the symptoms and risk factors for heart failure.

TheFaces of Heart Failure’ campaign also aims to showcase the different people who are living with or caring for people with heart failure.

It is estimated that 90,000 people live with heart failure in Ireland.

People living with Heart Failure

Meet some of the people living with heart failure in Ireland today

The Healthcare Professionals

Meet some of the healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with heart failure.

What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure does not mean that your heart has stopped working. It means that your heart is not pumping enough blood to meet the demands of your body.

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Heart Failure Symptom Checker

This symptom checker includes the main symptoms of heart failure and can serve as a basis for discussion with your doctor.

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Get Support

We are here for you

A diagnosis of heart failure can be a worrying time however, we are here to help you live well with the condition.

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Get the Fluid Heart Tracker app

Developed by heart failure experts this new easy to use app allows heart failure patients to monitor their weight to better manage their condition.

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Heart Failure Podcast

A podcast series all about heart failure.

Over 7 episodes people living with the condition and experts discuss their experiences and advice.

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Heart Failure News

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