Learning CPR can save the life of a loved one.

What is CPR?

CPR involves pressing hard and fast on the centre of someone’s chest. Here’s how to do it and how it can double or triple their chance of survival.

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Learn CPR

Learning CPR is easy, everyone can and should do it.

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CPR 4 Schools Teachers Login


CPR 4 Schools

We are equipping post primary schools free-of-charge to deliver video driven training to classes.

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Find a Course in Your Area

Learn CPR so you can be ready should you need it.

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Cardiac First Responder Groups

Are you a cardiac first responder? Would you like to be?

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Hands-only CPR

By knowing CPR you can double or triple their chances of survival.

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Learning CPR

Learning CPR is vital as over 70% of cardiac arrests can happen in the home.

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Our CPR Mission

Learning CPR is quick and easy. But the cost of not knowing is anything but.

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AEDs/Defibrillators Save Lives

Be it in your workplace, a school or community.

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Post Event Support for Responders

Support for those who deal with tragic circumstances.

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Join us to help end premature deaths from heart and stroke disease

Speak to our National Heart & Stroke Helpline Nurses

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