Advanced Cardiac Life Support Experienced Provider (ACLS EP) Instructor Course

The Irish Heart Foundation’s Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) for experienced providers (EP) Instructor Course is for those who would like to teach Advanced Cardiac Life Support for Experienced Providers (ACLS EP).

The ACLS for Experienced Providers (ACLS EP) Course aims to expand ACLS knowledge beyond the standard primary and secondary survey and give the learner a systematic approach to identifying and treating the underlying causes of cardiac arrest.

Case based scenarios are used to show learners how to apply critical thinking to reach a diagnosis and effectively manage treatment.

The course aims to improve outcomes in complex cardiovascular, respiratory and other (e.g. metabolic, toxicologic) emergencies by expanding on core ACLS guidelines and encouraging critical thinking and decision-making strategies.

Through instruction and active participation in case-based scenarios, learners enhance their skills in the differential diagnosis and treatment of pre-arrest, arrest and post-arrest patients.

The course aims to:

– Provide an alternative for ACLS providers who wish to renew their ACLS Provider Status
– Provide a stimulus to identify the many areas in resuscitation that require a different approach from that of the basic course
– Teach experienced ACLS providers new information on how to assess and  manage critical cardiovascular emergencies not currently addressed in ACLS

The course includes the standard ACLS assessments which all candidates must successfully complete. These include:

– ACLS written exam
– Bag mask ventilation
– CPR AED assessment
– Megacode test

Applying the expanded systematic approach (ACLS-EP Survey) to patient assessment, evaluation and management

– Cardiovascular Emergencies
– Cerebrovascular Emergencies
– Respiratory and Metabolic Emergencies
– Post-Cardiac Arrest Care
– Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Emergencies
– High-Quality CPR
– Effective team communication within a resuscitation team and  recognition of the impact of team dynamics on overall team performance and  patient outcome

Students must attend the entire course and actively participate in all case-based scenarios. They must also meet all current ACLS course completion requirements including:

– Pass ACLS exam with score of 84%
– Pass the High Quality BLS/AED skills test
– Pass bag-mask ventilation
– Pass Megacode skills test

Students who successfully complete all components of the course will receive an IHF/AHA ACLS EP Provider course completion card which is valid for two years.

Pre Course Considerations

The Irish Heart Foundation conducts ACLS Instructor Courses on an annual basis. Places are by nomination from an organisation that conducts ACLS courses through the Foundation’s training programme. Instructor candidates must hold current ACLS provider certification at the time of attending the instructor course. Candidates will also be required to complete an online course prior to attending the instructor course and access to this will be provided with pre-course materials issued on successful registration.

Instructor Competencies

ACLS Instructors must be proficient in all ACLS skills and able to teach IHF / AHA courses correctly and as they were intended – with a high standard of ethics and professionalism. Instructors must be able to test candidates effectively. Instructors also need to be able to manage space, time, materials and paperwork in compliance with IHF and AHA and their own training site’s guidelines.

Post Course Certification Requirements

Following the classroom portion of the course candidates must attend at least one standard two-day ACLS provider course as a supernumerary instructor to gain xperience and confidence  and may then be monitored instructing on a second two-day ACLS provider course. Monitoring must be completed within 180 days (6 months) of completing the instructor course.

Maintaining Instructor Certification

ACLS instructor certification is valid for two years. To be eligible to re-certify, instructors must teach on a minimum of four ACLS Provider Courses. Recertification should be conducted before the current instructor card expires.

To re-certify, the instructor must successfully demonstrate all ACLS provider skills, complete any relevant updates as required (e.g. guidelines updates) andshould be monitored by a faculty member or medical director while teaching on any of the ACLS provider courses (standard ACLS provider, ACLS re-certification or Heartcode ACLS courses). Please refer to instructor re-certification for further details.

The Irish Heart Foundation notifies the affiliated organisations who offer ACLS training through its programme asking them to put forward nominated candidates for the course.

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