Cardiac Rehab for All

For many patients and their families, being diagnosed with heart disease can be a frightening and upsetting experience. However, we know that patients who receive good education, information and support after their diagnosis are empowered to manage their condition effectively. This is where the Cardiac Rehab for All programme can help.

Cardiac Rehab for All is a new programme designed to improve the cardiovascular health of people who have experienced a cardiac event and to help prevent further events – this is known as secondary prevention.

Cardiac Rehab for All is therefore a secondary prevention programme for people in Ireland attending cardiac rehabilitation and affected by cardiovascular disease.

Cardiac Rehab for All consists of a DVD and explanatory booklet covering 17 different cardiovascular health topics. The DVD has been broken down into separate shorter videos that can be viewed below.

Both the booklet and accompanying DVD include education on risk factor management and heart health as well as ways for people living with heart disease to improve their  quality of life and a home-based exercise plan.

Topics in the programme include:

Below you will see a link to the patient information booklet, a section on Support and Recovery; which comprises nine videos on all aspects of your heart disease journey from diagnosis to rehabilitation, and a section on Risk Factors; which includes information and advice on important topics such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, weight management, alcohol and physical activity. All of the topics covered in the videos below are the same as those contained in the Cardiac Rehab for All DVD.

The Cardiac Rehab for All programme is a collaboration between the Irish Heart Foundation and the Irish Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Cardiac Rehab for All Programme

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