Adolescent Health Literacy Questionnaire

The Irish Heart Foundation and University College Dublin (UCD) have teamed up to conduct the Adolescent Health Literacy Questionnaire, the first of its kind in Ireland. We are delighted to invite your school to participate in this pioneering research.

What is health literacy?

“Health literacy is linked to literacy and describes people’s knowledge, motivation and abilities to access, understand, appraise, and apply health information in order to make judgments and take decisions in everyday life concerning healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion to maintain or improve quality of life during the life course.” -Sorenson et al, 2012

Why do we want to improve health literacy?

Having higher levels of health literacy leads to improved health outcomes as well as increased  wellbeing and educational attainment.

What is the Adolescent Health Literacy Questionnaire?

Our mission is to better understand the health literacy levels of young people. This questionnaire will give us the data we need to inform national policy and create wellbeing interventions in school settings. We have co-designed this questionnaire assessment with young people from across Ireland.

This research is open to post primary schools in Ireland and will be conducted by the UCD research team. This research protocol has been approved by the UCD Human Research Ethics Committee.

How can my school get involved?

What do I have to do?

1. Nominate a school liaison who will work with the UCD research team to coordinate the research.

2. Obtain consent from students and parents/guardians in advance of the research. Please note consent will be gathered by sharing a link online.

3. Provide a slot for each class to take part in the online questionnaire (max time 1 hour per class).

Prize draw

1st Prize: An AED (defibrillator) for your school, CPR 4 Schools manikin training kit and CPR training for your school staff (valued at €3000).

2nd Prize: CPR training for all staff and CPR 4 Schools manikin training kit (valued at €1500).

3rd Prize: CPR training for all staff and CPR 4 Schools manikin training kit (valued at €1500).

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