Lynda: Before Damage is Done

I thought I was invincible, but really I could have been a ticking time bomb

Lynda Sutton, a gym receptionist from Donabate, Co. Dublin shared how as a fit and healthy young woman she was shocked to be diagnosed with high blood pressure.

After finishing a spin class in the gym, Lynda began work and saw the Irish Heart Foundation’s Mobile Health Unit outside the local library.

Mobile Health Unit driver, Philip, encouraged Lynda to avail of a free heart health check. After deliberating if one was needed, Lynda met with a nurse for a private check. “I said I would go in and get it done when I had a quiet moment.”

During the check the nurse checked Lynda’s blood pressure which delivered a very high reading. After checking it a further two times, the reading was higher than at first, and Lynda was advised to see her GP right away.

While consulting with her GP, her blood pressure was again high and her GP put her on high blood pressure medication, and advised her to monitor her blood pressure continuously over the next few days. Lynda suggested she would do this in the gym due to being able to access a blood pressure monitor.

Lynda was shocked to hear she had high blood pressure.


“When I was at the GP I told him I didn’t have stress or anxiety, I ate healthily, and exercised with spin classes in the mornings."

Lynda Sutton

“There is no high blood pressure in my family that I know of. My brother had a heart attack on Easter Sunday, but he had some stints inserted and is doing ok now.

With four children, a full-time job and a busy lifestyle to manage including bringing children to football matches, Lynda said she doesn’t really get a minute to herself but it’s important to do things for your own health.

“I thought I was invincible, but really I could have been a ticking time bomb."

Lynda Sutton

“When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure I decided to ‘step it up’. I thought I was healthy before but I have completely changed my diet. I’m eating plenty of fruit and veg and no salt.”

Lynda encouraged everyone to take time for a blood pressure check. “If the dog was sick, I would take them to the vet but if I was sick I would never go to the doctor. That’s changed now and I know how important it is to get your blood pressure checked.”

Two in three adults over 50 have high blood pressure, but half don’t know it. Get your blood pressure checked by your GP or local pharmacy, before damage is done.

Learn more about high blood pressure, and access lots of information and supports here.

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