Heart News

Is gum disease linked to heart disease?

A recent US study has linked losing one or more teeth in middle age to heart disease.

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Heart News   |   31st May 2018

A Woman's Heart

The menopause and cardiovascular disease 

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Heart News   |   29th May 2018

I Lost My Only Son to SADS

Maureen lost her 21-year old son to SADS

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Heart News   |   20th May 2018

New farmers' health study launched

80 per cent of farmers are in the high-risk group for heart disease

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Heart News   |   21st May 2018

Heart attacks more likely to strike in winter

Be extra vigilant about heart attack symptoms during cold weather

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Heart News   |   21st May 2018

Another meeting? Why not walk and talk?

New Healthy Meeting Guidelines offer practical suggestions on how to hold a healthy meeting in your workplace.

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Heart News   |   11th May 2018

Irish doctors make history in treatment of serious heart condition

Irish doctors carried out the first non-surgical Potts shunt in Ireland and the UK for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension

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Heart News   |   10th May 2018

Dramatic reduction in smoking by Irish teens

Smoking among 15 and 16-year olds has dropped from 41 to 13 per cent

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Heart News   |   4th May 2018

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